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Kids yoga

Kids Yoga

Yoga can have a profound lasting effect on our physical, cognitive, emotional and social wellbeing. Yoga postures increase in self-awareness, self management and self advocacy by consciously connecting mind-body and breath.

Yoga help kids become more sensitive to their inner experience and empowers them to shift their negative thinking. Yoga postures create space for kids to explore who and how they are being and gives them tools to actively change to who and how they want to be.

Yoga classes consist of a mindset discussion, yoga pattern, breathing exercises, and a game or activity.   

Kids Yoga

Yoga sessions are split into six sections. I start the class with time-in, here we practice a fun breathing exercise to help us connect with our bodies and center ourselves to start yoga class. Then we move on to the discussion, where I introduce a mindset or topic for kids to connect their mind with yoga practice. Following the discussion, we move on to warm-up and yoga poses which help kids build strength, balance and flexibility.

Each class will have either a partner pose or a game to allow children connect to their own experiences and the world around them. Lastly, we end each session with a relaxation to provide an opportunity for resting and restoring mind and body. I like to provide an assessment or assignment at the end of the session for kids to connect back to what was done in class.

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