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Kids coaching

Life Coaching for Kids

As a life coach, my objective is to help kids build self-confidence and empower them to be their best self. Being resilient and having coping skills is critical for mental health, that's why I support children build these skills.

I coach kids through storytelling because stories help us connect with the characters and we learn in a less intrusive way. Stories activate the intellectual side of the brain as well as the emotional side of it.  


It is crucial to teach children about emotions, naming how we feel and finding ways that work for us to redirect our thoughts and actions. Learning about mindfulness at an early age will empower children to deal with anything that comes their way while growing up. Social-emotional learning is important to build strong and lasting relationships.  

Happy Kids

All of my programs are based on a proven coaching model called The WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™. What makes this model so powerful is that I use storytelling and experiences to help kids develop powerful mindset skills for confidence and power.


Wire your mind for happiness, confidence, and success in life with MindPower.

With MindPower, kids develop an empowered way of thinking. They learn that their thoughts create their lives and that they have the   power to choose their thoughts. And they learn the brain science behind it!


Identify who you want to be and what you want for your life with InnerPower.

With InnerPower, kids develop their inner compass – their inner guidance system for who they want to be in the world. They   develop core values of self-leaders (self-responsibility, integrity, respect, and self-respect) and learn how to say no to   peer pressure and   yes to themselves.


See your inner superstar and shine with MePower.

With MePower, kids develop powerful self-esteem and strong self-confidence from the inside out! Kids learn to feel great about   themselves no matter who they are with or what is going on in their lives AND how to believe in themselves, even when things don’t go their way.

Dream Big, Live with Purpose, and Make it Happen with DreamPower


DreamPower helps kids learn how to create a vision for their lives, so they live life with intention versus drifting through life. They learn    how to use goal setting to turn their vision into action and how to use the Law of Attraction tools of Visualization, Affirmations, and    Gratitude to “program” their mind for success. With DreamPower kids learn how to make their dreams come true…without the fairy.

Overcome obstacles and Manage the Ups and Downs of Growing up with Slaying Dragons.

Overcome obstacles

Slaying Dragons helps kids handle the “tough stuff” and build resilience. They learn how to move through fear and “go for it” in life. They   learn how to manage mistakes, disappointments, and failure so they don’t get down on themselves or give up on themselves. They learn   how manage and embrace change so that fear of the unknown doesn’t hold them back in life and they learn how to avoid conditional   thinking and go for their dreams.

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