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Life Coaching for Kids Packages

Making Dreams Come True without the Fairy!

Lesson 1 – Power of Possibility

Belief systems shape what kids see as possible for their lives. Kids who don’t believe in themselves or who don’t think their dreams are possible will whittle down their dreams to fit their current circumstances. Learning how to develop a belief system based on possibilities will help kids bust outside of their comfort zone, create courage, and go for it in life - even when there is no evidence that they will be successful. Share they story, Power of Possibility, and help kids learn that they achieve what they believe!

Lesson 2 – Conditional Thinking

Kids often think that certain things must be in place before they can do something. For example, “If I were taller then I try out for the basketball team.” This “if…then” thinking is called conditional thinking and it destroys dreams. In this lesson kids learn that conditional thinking steals their power as they become a victim of their circumstances and limiting beliefs. They learn how to break through conditional thinking and go for their dreams. I share the story If Then Ben Part 1 and also tie in the learning from Lesson 1 about looking for possibilities.

Lesson 3 – Create Your Vision

Children learn the importance of setting a vision for their lives so they don’t drift through life. They learn the importance of dreaming big and to not let circumstances determine what they want in life.

Lesson 4 – Goal Setting

Children learn that making their dreams come true involves much more than a vision board – they must take action as well. They learn how to break their goals into tasks and how to track their progress using both a list method and a calendar method. Children learn how to handle disappointment if they don’t reach their goal and how to celebrate success and enjoy their journey along the way. Kids learn that when they plan their goals they plan their success.

Lesson 5 – Law of Attraction

Children are introduced to the power of the Law of Attraction and how “what we think about we bring about.” Children learn about the benefits of positive thinking and positive energy and are introduced to the tools of visualization, affirmations, and gratitude to “train their brain” for success.

Lesson 6 – RAS and Visualization

Visualization is the process of imagining yourself in the future having already achieved your goal. Scientific research has proven that your mind cannot tell the difference between an experience you imagine and an experience that is real. When you use visualization to practice success in your mind, you develop strong neural pathways to prepare your mind to succeed. Visualization is a very powerful skill for helping kids manage change, move through fear, and pick themselves up after facing a disappointment or failure. Also teach kids about their Reticular Activating System and how to use it, in conjunction with visualization, to help them achieve their goals.

Lesson 7 – Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourselves about what you want. Affirmations are very powerful tools for “programming” both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind to achieve your goals and can also be used to “reprogram” negative belief systems. Whereas visualization creates neural pathways and stimulates your RAS using visual input, affirmations does the same thing using audio input. When used together visualization and affirmations prepare you to create magic in your life!

Lesson 8 – Gratitude

Children learn the power of gratitude! Gratitude is a positive feeling or emotion you feel when you acknowledge the things you are thankful for, grateful for, and appreciate in your life. Gratitude is a powerful tool for shifting your mood and creating happiness. In fact, research has shown that people who develop a daily practice of gratitude live happier lives!

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