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Life Coaching for Kids Packages

Self-confidence package

Lesson 1 – What is self-confidence

Self-confidence is a skill that can be developed. I read the story Canville and Can’tville a Tale of Two Towns! and help kids understand the power and the impact of an “I can” belief system.

Lesson 2 – How Your Mind Shapes Your World

What kids accomplish in life is shaped by what kids believe about themselves - both on the conscious level and on the subconscious level. When kids learn how to uncover negative beliefs and then shift them to supportive beliefs they become empowered to handle disappointments without giving up on themselves. Read the story Who’s Flying Your Plane and help kids understand how their mind shapes their world and what they can do to shape their mind.

Lesson 3 – Power of Possibility

Belief systems shape what kids see as possible for their lives. Kids who don’t believe in themselves or who don’t think their dreams are possible will live in excuses and develop an “I can’t attitude”. Learning how to develop a belief system based on possibilities will help kids bust outside of their comfort zone, create courage, and go for it in life - even when there is no evidence that they will be successful. Share they story, Power of Possibility, and help kids learn that they achieve what they believe!

Lesson 4 – Neural Pathways and Managing Fear

Learning how to move through anxiety and fear helps kids learn how to believe in themselves when facing something new. First read the story, Pathway to Success to help kids understand that anxiety is a natural response to doing something new because their brain hasn’t developed neural pathways about the new experience. Second, read the story Slaying Dragons to help kids learn three common thought patterns that create fear and a five-step process for moving through that fear and creating courage.

Lesson 5 – Conditional Thinking

I read the Story If Then Ben and help kids learn how conditional thinking can kill their confidence. Then talk with them about what they learned in Power of Possibility to turn conditional thinking into “How can I?”

Lesson 6 – Self-talk

Children’s thoughts about themselves create the way they experience themselves and their world. Every time they think about themselves – either in the positive or in the negative – neural pathways are created which establish their beliefs about themselves. Help kids understand that what they say to themselves is more important than what anyone else says to them. They can use the power of positive self-talk to create positive beliefs about themselves and to create strong self-confidence.

I read the story Choosing Your BFF (Best Friend Forever) to help kids understand about the power of positive self-talk and how it shapes their lives.

Lesson 7 – Power Shifting

When things don’t go their way, kids often get down on themselves which devastates self-confidence. A powerful skill for kids to learn is how to separate their results from “who they are”. We call this power shifting (often referred to as reframing). Read the story Power Goggles and help kids understand how to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves.

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