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Life Coaching for Kids Packages

Building Resilience package

Lesson 1 – How Your Mind Shapes Your World

What kids accomplish in life is shaped by what kids believe about themselves - both on the conscious level and on the subconscious level. When kids learn how to uncover negative beliefs and then shift them to supportive beliefs they become empowered to handle disappointments without giving up on themselves. I read the story Who’s Flying Your Plane and help kids understand how their mind shapes their world and what they can do to shape their mind.

Lesson 2 – Power of Possibility

Belief systems shape what kids see as possible for their lives. Kids who don’t believe in themselves, who have faced disappointments or failure, or who don’t think their dreams are possible can develop an “I’m not good enough” or an “I can’t” attitude. Learning how to develop a belief system based on possibilities will help kids bust outside of their comfort zone, create courage, and go for it in life - even if they’ve stumbled in the past. Share they story, Power of Possibility, and help kids learn that they achieve what they believe!

Lesson 3 – Overcoming Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of life. In this skill book, kids learn that mistakes are opportunities to learn and to grow. In this lesson, they learn the “Five I’s of managing mistakes” so they know how to learn from the mistake and let it go.

Lesson 4 – Managing Fear

Kids will face many challenges in life but the strongest opponents they will face are the dragons that can flood their mind. Thoughts of self-doubt, concerns about other people’s opinion, and fear of the unknown can devastate self-esteem and self-confidence – freezing kids in their tracks and keeping them from their dreams. Kids learn that dragons are just creations of their mind and that they can use the five steps for moving through fear to move through the fear and go for it.

Lesson 5 – Self-talk

Children’s thoughts about themselves create the way they experience themselves and their world. Help kids understand that what they say to themselves is more important than what anyone else says to them. They can use the power of positive self-talk to move through fear, to overcome mistakes, disappointments, and to manage change. Kids learn that how they talk to themselves creates confidence and courage.

Lesson 6 – Moving Past Failure

Kids learn that failure is an event and not who they are. They learn that failure is only a failure if they allow it to keep them from their goals and dreams. Kids learn how to put failure “in a box” so they can learn from it and move forward in their power.

Lesson 7 – Visualization

Visualization is the process of imagining yourself in the future having already achieved your goal. Scientific research has proven that your mind cannot tell the difference between an experience you vividly imagine and an experienced that is real. When you use visualization to practice success in your mind, you develop strong neural pathways to prepare your mind to succeed. Visualization is a very powerful skill for helping kids manage change, move through fear, and pick themselves up after facing a disappointment or failure.

Lesson 8 – Managing Change

Kids learn that change is a critical part of life. They cannot create who they want to be by staying where they are. Only by accepting and embracing change can they move forward in their power. Kids learn the three steps for managing change and learn that handling change builds powerful self-confidence as they learn how to handle anything that comes their way.

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