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Hi! My name is Anais Diaz. For the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to live and work in cosmopolitan cities such as Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles, which has given me a broad view on cultural diversity.​​

Early in my social worker career I understood the importance of being in contact with our mind, body and soul to live a healthy life, so for 11 years I have practiced multidisciplinary techniques such as dance, mindfulness and meditation to incorporate their advantages into my work.

Anais Diaz
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Kids coaching

What I Specialize In

I help children ages 6-12 learn how to use the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives.

All my programs are based on a proven coaching model called The WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™. What makes this model so powerful is that I use storytelling and experiences to help kids develop powerful mindset skills for confidence and power.

I incorporate yoga for a strong foundation for health and wellness. Yoga helps children have a practice that allows them consciously connect their mind-body and breath.

Kids Coaching

Life Coaching for Kids

Why didn’t I learn this as a kid? Some of us have asked ourselves this question when learning a mindset that helps us grow as a person. My goal is to teach children take interest in social-emotional development early in life. I use the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™ to help children develop powerful mindset skills in the areas of:


Living intentionally








Goal setting

Decision making

Peer pressure

Law of attraction

As a WISDOM coach™ I use stories and experiential activities to help children easily understand mindsets by connecting their life experiences with the characters and situations from the stories. Stories are a fun way to teach children! Stories have the power to transform how we feel and inspire us to be better and take responsibility for the situations in our lives.

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Kids Yoga

While working with kids of different ages and backgrounds, I noticed a common denominator; high levels of anxiety in the classrooms and at home.

Yoga can help children learn how to control their emotions and replace reacting behaviors with poses or breathing techniques that connect them with their inner selves.

It has been proven that moving your body, stretching and breathing are effective tools to reduce stress. I like to incorporate music, mindfulness, games and activities in my yoga classes to create a fun atmosphere for learning.

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Kids Yoga

Wall of love

Barbara C.

Anais understands my son very well. She is talented at reading his needs. Professional, she makes sure he learns something new every time. Respectful, patient, caring, and the sweetest soul I ever met. Very responsive and dedicated, never saw my son bored or unattended for a minute.

She taught me techniques and gave me tools to apply with my son that I enjoy doing very much. I am so grateful to have her in our life

Devora S.

Anais has been coaching our daughter since August, 2020. During that time, she's had an incredible impact on our daughter who has matured wonderfully because of Anais' skilled approach. Anais knows how to meet kids where they are at and provide them with a greater sense of confidence, curiosity, and kindness with which they can meet any and all challenges. She is patient, thoughtful, and supportive in every way and I can't recommend her enough.

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